Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Wrist Fetish

 Steve Sedlar has an odd fetish: he's obsessed with boy's wrists. He is particularly interested in items tied or attached to boy's wrists  and items around the throat, such as watches with wide bands, chokers, sweatbands, bracelets and other types of jewelry. And if these items are made of leather? All the better for Steve.

Steve posted under various usernames on Usenet back in the 90's and the early 00's. Here's a rough, chronological list of some of the many usernames Steve Sedlar has used over the years.

  • Steve Sedlar (bywp88p@prodigy.net)
Selling $2 'Secret KFC' recipes.
  • SteveS012 (@aol.com)
Steve obsessing about a boy wearing leather wristbands in the TV show, Xena.
  • SteveS3232 (@aol.com) 
  • SteveS132 (@aol.com) 
  • Kyle1114 (@aol.com) 
  • Kyle1115 (@aol.com) 
  • Kyle1116 (@aol.com)
Here's Steve posting as Kyle1116 sounding very similar to the 'lady' below.
Steve can't stop thinking about boy's wrists
Steve posing as a fictitious marketing company promoting jewelry for boys only, with an emphasis on leather wristbands.

Steve Sedlar, posting as 15 year old 'Katie', promoting the Boy Models website. Katie seems to like Sean's hair.
Anakinboy10 was Steve Sedlar's username at Boychat.org.

Steve Sedlar created this YouTube channel to promote not only his boy wrist/bondage fetish but to also promote pedophile Dustin 'YTask' Gardner.

Bondage for children?

Showing much love for YTASK

Next....we take a look at Steve Sedlar in his element, in his natural environment. 


  1. What the hell is this bullshit and who are you? you are out of your fucking mind whoever you think you are. whatever this craziness is all about this is complete and utter nonsense! where you claim steve is in his 40s!! was the rest supposed to try to frame connection to something illegal? you are either playing a game or out of your mind or someone is playing a game on you. lets just stop there. I am advising the family to contact law enforcement asap including the mailing I was sent. I don't know what type of game you think you are playing but I would suggest it stop now.

  2. Steve Sedlar is approximately 43 years old. This has been verified by former classmates at Waite High School in Toledo, where he was in attendance as of 1983 - 1986. His age-group has also been verified by family members.