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"Steven loves costume design and the theater" 



I wonder if Steve Sedlar, YouTube's LoganSperman2, cried for all the boys of Egypt who suffered during the dramatic revolution that precipitated a domino effect of change in the region. Steve or Logan, call him what you may, is fascinated by boys dressed in Egyptian/Biblical style costumes. It's not impossible to link this to his lust for the wristband wearing boys of the Xena and Hercules television shows.




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In this link Steve can't quite figure out if he's Kyle or Steve that day. 
Steve Sedlar is a member of, a forum centred around homosexual pedophilia. Steve, as Anakinboy10, posted several times to the board, including this one where he gushes about his sexual attraction to boys wearing costumes and wristbands.



Posted by Anakinboy10 on 2003-March-30 11:02:25, Sunday

heya is it just me or is a boy in ancient egyptian costume so h0t?--

I wish i knew where to find some more-- but what brought this to mind again is that blasted movie from 1980 on ebay again, it was months ago since one was on and now this one is already past what i can afford. i dont care just lookin at those vidcaps is worth it :) i dont know if you cvan post the ebay link here but check out item #3318495905 at ebay-- i am having dreams that puts me in this movie :) oh man ::drool::

i wonder if he gets the full egyptian boy costume-- and king tut as a boy is in this too-- i can imagine him all decked out in the gold collar, the head band, two wide arm bands on his biceps- and the best nice wide gold wrist bands (bracelets) real snug on both his wrists-- oh a boy with tight bracelets or wrist bands, just accentuates their wrists and hands so perfectly :) something about a shirtless boy all loaded up with boy-jewelry-wrist bands nd the works drives me crazy :)

i just now came up with some ideas for my favourite boys on my new favourite "Boy Modeling' site !! i just noticed --sean, does he not have the same hair syle as the young boy in the egyptian vidcaps? oh man i can see him all decked out as an egyptian prince :) again tho, I have no money at the time. and i have no idea where to get an egyptian costume to have them wear. oh man i need money and-or a cold shower :) has anyone had any of the boys from that site model for them? i wish they would put up a gallery of past jobs. i'm obsessed with 'sean's' hair :) i'll link the site again below-- is it just me?


Anakinboy10 appears to like Sean's hair (wig) more than KatieKool15 does.

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