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"Steven uses lots of different usernames on his comp, some are even females...."

Best Boy Movies with a boy climax?

Posted by Anakinboy10 on 2003-March-28 09:30:29, Friday

ok u know what i mean, the big 'o', and lots of mainstream movies do have boys having one. i.e. Leolo, lots of others are listed as having some steamy boy scenes- but what about ones with the boy getting to that point? leolo has a good one when the woman is 'handling' him in the distance but it couldve been better. lots of flicks get the boys in bed with someone and act out some of it- but never act out the big 'o'. i say if they have them doing that much and they go that far, (all of the thrusting- even actualy in the nude sometimes) why not finish it? clint eastwood directed his own son having one in that one movie- but didnt seem realistic at all since he didnt seem to have any reaction- wouldnt there be jit a bit more noise out of him, and, erm, movement? and more intense face expression at that point? they act like it just 'hapened' uneventfully. same with the movie 'happiness', he doesnt even flinch- is that even realitic? maybe for a real little boy- i dunno? any wayz any one know any other movies to l00k for?


After reading the above quotation made to the notorious pedophile forum, Boychat, I can now fully appreciate why Steve Sedlar/Anakinboy10 decided to use the name, Logan SPERMan. Sperman is a corruption of the name Lerman, as in Logan Lerman the former child actor. Steve Sedlar clearly enjoys the thought of children having the "big o".

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