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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Happy Mother's Day Mrs. Corrine Sedlar

Happy Mother's Day to all our US readers with particular mention of Mrs. Corrine Sedlar, Steve Sedlar's mother.

Please let this be a day that you are not the victim of violence at the hands of your one and only natural-born child, Steven.

Steve, learn to love her. She's all you have. If it wasn't for her and Steve's father, Steve would have been institutionalised a long, long time ago.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

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Saturday, 16 April 2011

JFB Online Promotions Soliciting Parents

Steve Sedlar began soliciting for pictures of boys (and their home addresses) by spamming child/parent oriented usenet groups in April 1999 (Coincidently, the precise date was April 13 - the same date he was to open his LoganSperman2 account on YouTube seven years later). 


Calling himself Steven Lucas (presumably after two of his heroes, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas) he concocted the story that he was working for the promotions department of a  company called Just For Boys (JFB). JFB supposedly traded in clothing and accessories for boys (wristbands?) and was seeking out parents of boys (it's always boys, never girls) to submit photographs of their children to their website. JFB also offered to send clothing to the boys to model in, be photographed and then have the pictures sent back to Steven. The "models" were promised that they could retain any of the clothing and accessories if they so wished.

"Hi, we are starting a new online sales area of our website which sells clothing and accessories for boys (all ages from tots to teens), called JUST FOR BOYS. We are looking for parents of kids that would like to model some of our items and be featured on our website"

Steve Sedlar was immediately brought to task by several other posters yet he continued to spam this post for several more days - and each time the opposition grew stronger and more vociferous.

"He doesn't direct you to the web page so you can see his products, and he gives you a hotmail address, not a corporate one, where you should send the pictures. Parents of boys, please be cautious. Something sounds wrong about this."  says someone called Davidson.

"Please list your website address.  Both your email addresses are free email addresses.  Is this really a legit business?" asks Sara.

Steve attempts to explain why his "legitamate" company was using a hotmail email account and hosting its website on a free web server.

"Hi, we are currently using Hotmail (and DejaNews for posting) because we are in the middle of moving our site, we needed a consistant address that would not be affected by any movies. When we secure our domain name we will use another email address as well as our Hotmail one. We have had our contest page online for over a year and are just starting to introduce some online sales. You can currently find our site on the Prodigy server at If you have any other questions or comments, please let me know. Thanks!"

"Personally, I wouldn't touch that message with a ten-foot pole." opines concerned mother, Vicki Surratt.

"I just did a search for JFB Online Promotions and can't find anything on them.  I agree with Davidson that this sounds way fishy!" exclaims Red.

Feeling angry and incensed that people may even be suggesting that he is a pervert and spammer, Steve responds with this very long winded and indignant reply:

I wanted to address the issues brought up about our previous post in this group. First, we are a legitamate company that is listed in the ComFind Internet company directory, (although the phone number they have for us is not currant). Our company name is JUST FOR BOYS, not JFB Online Promotions.The latter is just the division I work in, promoting the online presence of JFB. We have had a mail order division for over 2 years, and have had an online presence with our contests for over a year. The message posted was NOT an advertisement, or "spam". It was directed at the participants of this parenting group. The intent of the post was NOT to sell anything, and we did not include a web URL because that would imply that we were, when our purpose was just to find some parents and kids that would be interested in being models for some of our online products. For the record, our website (which has been primarily contest-oriented) is up on the Prodigy server at
We have been involved in ongoing legal consultations concerning the domain (which is now owned by a porn business) about using our company name, but as for now our site remains on the Prodigy web server. The reason we use Hotmail for email contacts at this time is because of the same reason, we are in the process of claiming our permanant web domain, and the HotMail address will be active regardless of our web host, which is important. We use DejaNews to post for this reason also, in addition to the fact that the DejaNews address will prevent us from being spammed which ties up are ability to access legitamate email inquiries. We are just recently (Easter) started offering some of our products online for sale in addition to the contests. For our PRINT CATALOGS, we ONLY use models hired from agencies. I only work in the online division, so I might have been wrong about union. But I do know that we do NOT hire independant models for print work, we only use those who are drawn from talent agencies. We decided that since we recieived so may requests about modeling opportunities from our contests, we would use photos submitted to us by our customers wearing our products instead of professional models for our online sales pages. We are not budgeted to pay for professional models for online sales pages, and saw this opportunity to select "real" people send in pictures, and reimbuse them by letting them keep the items we send for them to model, and the exposure they would get by being on our website. We are not in the business of talent management or modeling, BUT any requests we would get from talent agencies or management about any models on our site would be forwarded to the parent/guardian. We also do NOT reveal any personal info like address or email address to the public. As far as sending items to be modeled, we do not require a street address, a PO Box or any other address is just as suitable. We also are not asking for any money for this. We wanted to ask around to find some kids that might want to be model for our site to launch the WebModels program which will be available only to customers who buy the products and would like to have their kid's picture on our site. As far as the dangers of digital pictures versus print pictures, there is no real difference, since anyone who wishes to "alter" any picture in any way can easily scan a hard copy of a picture into digital form. An online picture is as safe, if not safer, as a picture of your kid in his school yearbook, or in the local newspaper or magazine, since those meadia forms get more circulation than a website. I hope this helps to clear up some of the concerns that various people here have had. If not, or if anyone has any other questions or comments, please feel free to send them to me, privately or publically. Thanks! 
Steven J. Lucas 
JFB Online Promotions 

Steven becomes more irate and defensive.....

I will say this once again, the post I made was NOT advertisement. I posted it here because it had to do with PARENTING. I have seen posts before about kids modeling, and I was letting parents know of this. If it is non-profit it certainly is not against any FAQ. If it is, than half of all other posts here are in the same category, why don't you direct your attack to them? For example, every time someone mentions any brand name in a post, or about a contest, or about a commercial website, I guess that, in your definition, would be SPAMMING and/or "advertising" as well. Why is that not against the FAQ? Because it is ridiculous, that's why. If someone ELSE posted the message I did, would that be advertising? It is just letting other parents know of something they might be interested in. It is ON TOPIC, and NON-PROFIT. Now thanks to someone who obviously has too much free time, the Hotmail email address I mentioned in the original post has been suspended, which now will just take up more of our time to straighten things out with them, (since they obviossly did not even check into the matter before suspending the account). The post was NOT even posted from the Hotmail address, and the address was not even mine, but of an entirely different outfit who handles contests. We are in the process of finding out who is falsely reporting us as "abusers" and will take legal action against those individuals. Yes, it is against most every providers' rules to SPAM and abuse the Internet, and rightly so, but it is also against the rules, and a CRIME, to ruin someone's integrity as well as damages to someone's business, by false accusations such as this. Yes, TURN IN SPAMMERS and those making ILLEGAL postings and activity, (last time I browsed this group. there were MANY), but make sure you are not going after someone who is innocent, and consider the damages that can cause if you do. It is NOT something anyone should do frivilously, and should be taken very seriously. If you want to turn in someone, why not scroll up and turn in the sicko's the perverts, illegal spammers, etc., that no one even gives a second thought to? Why attack me who just posted a note about a website with a new non-profit modeling program, or about a contest we are running, etc. THAT is something I just do not understand. It is beyond nit-picking. If someone has a personal grudge against us, please just let us know and we can hopefully work things out. I just canot conceive the idea of passing up the porn posts, illegal posts, money making scemes, and all of the other posts which CAN cause serious harm to kids and anyone else, and target me, who was just basically posting about a website that parents and kids interested in modeling would be interested in. If you have so much free time, please use some to explain that to me. 

Steven Lucas 


Anyone familiar with Steven's Logan Sperman  character
on YouTube will instantly see the remarkable similarities in the the writing styles of "Steven Lucas" and "Logan Sperman". 

[This post will be updated soon]

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Name This Child

A lot of people are genuinely concerned for the safety of the child in the video below.

If you know anything about this boy please contact your local police.

Friday, 8 April 2011


"Steven uses lots of different usernames on his comp, some are even females...."

Best Boy Movies with a boy climax?

Posted by Anakinboy10 on 2003-March-28 09:30:29, Friday

ok u know what i mean, the big 'o', and lots of mainstream movies do have boys having one. i.e. Leolo, lots of others are listed as having some steamy boy scenes- but what about ones with the boy getting to that point? leolo has a good one when the woman is 'handling' him in the distance but it couldve been better. lots of flicks get the boys in bed with someone and act out some of it- but never act out the big 'o'. i say if they have them doing that much and they go that far, (all of the thrusting- even actualy in the nude sometimes) why not finish it? clint eastwood directed his own son having one in that one movie- but didnt seem realistic at all since he didnt seem to have any reaction- wouldnt there be jit a bit more noise out of him, and, erm, movement? and more intense face expression at that point? they act like it just 'hapened' uneventfully. same with the movie 'happiness', he doesnt even flinch- is that even realitic? maybe for a real little boy- i dunno? any wayz any one know any other movies to l00k for?


After reading the above quotation made to the notorious pedophile forum, Boychat, I can now fully appreciate why Steve Sedlar/Anakinboy10 decided to use the name, Logan SPERMan. Sperman is a corruption of the name Lerman, as in Logan Lerman the former child actor. Steve Sedlar clearly enjoys the thought of children having the "big o".

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Barbie Girl Video featuring "Logan Sperman"

Here's a copy of a  video featuring the teenager Steve Sedlar claims to be: Logan Sperman. This video has been making the rounds on internet web sharing sites since at least 2005. At present no information on the identity or whereabouts of this child has come to light. No one knows who "Logan Doe" is or whether he is alive or dead.

If anyone has any information regarding the child featured in this video then please contact me as soon as you can.

Steve Sedlar: Member


"Steven loves costume design and the theater" 



I wonder if Steve Sedlar, YouTube's LoganSperman2, cried for all the boys of Egypt who suffered during the dramatic revolution that precipitated a domino effect of change in the region. Steve or Logan, call him what you may, is fascinated by boys dressed in Egyptian/Biblical style costumes. It's not impossible to link this to his lust for the wristband wearing boys of the Xena and Hercules television shows.




COSTUME HELP! - Egyptian??  asks Steve Sedlar          


Artist needed! Egyptian costumes! asks Kyle1115        


Egyptian costuming-HELP!  Kyle1115 is desperate            


HELP! I need to make an EGYPTIAN KILT!!  SteveS012 


DAVID and GOLIATH - School play? HELP! SteveS012

In this link Steve can't quite figure out if he's Kyle or Steve that day. 
Steve Sedlar is a member of, a forum centred around homosexual pedophilia. Steve, as Anakinboy10, posted several times to the board, including this one where he gushes about his sexual attraction to boys wearing costumes and wristbands.



Posted by Anakinboy10 on 2003-March-30 11:02:25, Sunday

heya is it just me or is a boy in ancient egyptian costume so h0t?--

I wish i knew where to find some more-- but what brought this to mind again is that blasted movie from 1980 on ebay again, it was months ago since one was on and now this one is already past what i can afford. i dont care just lookin at those vidcaps is worth it :) i dont know if you cvan post the ebay link here but check out item #3318495905 at ebay-- i am having dreams that puts me in this movie :) oh man ::drool::

i wonder if he gets the full egyptian boy costume-- and king tut as a boy is in this too-- i can imagine him all decked out in the gold collar, the head band, two wide arm bands on his biceps- and the best nice wide gold wrist bands (bracelets) real snug on both his wrists-- oh a boy with tight bracelets or wrist bands, just accentuates their wrists and hands so perfectly :) something about a shirtless boy all loaded up with boy-jewelry-wrist bands nd the works drives me crazy :)

i just now came up with some ideas for my favourite boys on my new favourite "Boy Modeling' site !! i just noticed --sean, does he not have the same hair syle as the young boy in the egyptian vidcaps? oh man i can see him all decked out as an egyptian prince :) again tho, I have no money at the time. and i have no idea where to get an egyptian costume to have them wear. oh man i need money and-or a cold shower :) has anyone had any of the boys from that site model for them? i wish they would put up a gallery of past jobs. i'm obsessed with 'sean's' hair :) i'll link the site again below-- is it just me?


Anakinboy10 appears to like Sean's hair (wig) more than KatieKool15 does.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Wrist Fetish

 Steve Sedlar has an odd fetish: he's obsessed with boy's wrists. He is particularly interested in items tied or attached to boy's wrists  and items around the throat, such as watches with wide bands, chokers, sweatbands, bracelets and other types of jewelry. And if these items are made of leather? All the better for Steve.

Steve posted under various usernames on Usenet back in the 90's and the early 00's. Here's a rough, chronological list of some of the many usernames Steve Sedlar has used over the years.

  • Steve Sedlar (
Selling $2 'Secret KFC' recipes.
  • SteveS012 (
Steve obsessing about a boy wearing leather wristbands in the TV show, Xena.
  • SteveS3232 ( 
  • SteveS132 ( 
  • Kyle1114 ( 
  • Kyle1115 ( 
  • Kyle1116 (
Here's Steve posting as Kyle1116 sounding very similar to the 'lady' below.
Steve can't stop thinking about boy's wrists
Steve posing as a fictitious marketing company promoting jewelry for boys only, with an emphasis on leather wristbands.

Steve Sedlar, posting as 15 year old 'Katie', promoting the Boy Models website. Katie seems to like Sean's hair.
Anakinboy10 was Steve Sedlar's username at

Steve Sedlar created this YouTube channel to promote not only his boy wrist/bondage fetish but to also promote pedophile Dustin 'YTask' Gardner.

Bondage for children?

Showing much love for YTASK

Next....we take a look at Steve Sedlar in his element, in his natural environment. 

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Usenet: Wimbledon, Ballboys & Uniforms

"Usenet is like a herd of performing elephants with diarrhea. Massive, difficult to redirect, awe-inspiring, entertaining, and a source of mind-boggling amounts of excrement when you least expect it." — Gene Spafford, 1992

Steve Sedlar began posting to Usenet groups in the summer of 1994. Usenet is the worldwide discussion forum that began life as a Duke University project in 1979 and was the predecessor to what we now know as Google Groups. It covers a veritable gamut of interests; from antiques to zoology.

From reading back through Steve's earlier postings we see that his initial curiosity was the Wimbledon tennis championships hosted here in the UK, and in particular, the ball boys and girls.

Read more here
Read more here.
Read more here

It was a curiosity that breached the borders of obsession, as these observers satirically remarked in response to Steve's annual quest to absorb all things Wimbledon:

>> >Is anyone here a ballboy or ballgirl at Wimbledon this year? (Or have you
>> >ever been)? Please email me! Thanks!!!!
>> :)

>> The first time I *ever* read this newsgroup... about a year ago to the
>> day, I reckon... in fact.. I can check my outbox... uhm...
>>, on the 24th June last year!! Tell me its not you
>> again ;P

>So this is a guy who gets all his pleasure out of two weeks of every year?
It's worse than that. Many years ago, at the birth of the annual Wimbledon tennis championship, something more evil, more sinister than a mere ball game could ever be was awoken. Its name - Steve. The daemon Steve would emerge, every year, to devour any hapless ballboy or ballgirl that might wander into his lair. No trace of these children was ever to be found, and over the years many families were left alone and distraught, thanks to this evil menace.
To this day, Steve emerges at Wimbledon-time to gobble up the unlucky and feast upon the weary. However, times have changed, and the daemon no longer uses the scent of innocence and the warmth of human blood to find his victims. No, now the dark caves and damp caverns that once made up his domain have been replaced by Internet newsgroups, which he spams mercilessly in order to pick his prey and quench his thirst for life. So, remember; if you go to Wimbledon and a man with pointier-than-usual teeth and a wicked gleam in his eye asks you to fetch his balls, that's Steve. Stay well clear of him, for this encounter may be your last.
And above all .. don't have nightmares. 

Steve Sedlar was more than happy to tell the world about his curiosity.

I heard they were going to change the uniforms of the ballboys and ballgirls at Wimbledon this year. I also heard they were going to add something new to it, but seeing as they already added baseball caps (because of the sun and heat a few years ago), what else could they possibly add? As you can tell, I am always curious about these things! So if anyone has seen the new uniforms (I can't get HBO) and can fill me (and everyone else in the world wondering this) in on what they look like, please do!!!! 
Steve Sedlar 6/26/96

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Live and Direct from Toledo, OH....

Steve produced and starred in a short video for a website called This is a forum where men (and the odd woman or two) share their passion for boys wearing school uniforms.

Here's the even shorter intro posted on YouTube.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Steve Sedlar Fact File

Name: Steven Sedlar
Race: Caucasian
Age: 40 to 45
Location: Toledo, Ohio
Occupation: None
Income: Social Security benefits
Family: Lives with elderly parents
School: Waite High School
Religion: Catholic
Interests: Sewing and baking

Monday, 28 March 2011

Steve Sedlar's Many Faces




Steve Sedlar as "Sean" the boy model. Steve is responsible for several now defunct websites that offered boys willing to "model" for paying admirers. Steve's websites also offered videos and images of children which would be legally classed as child pornography in many jurisdictions.





LoganSperman2 in 1983

LoganSperman2 2011

Steve being himself at home in the kitchen. Notice the wispy hair sticking out from beneath his beloved baseball cap. Steve was a regular visitor to Usenet message boards that offered advice on androgenic alopecia back in the 1990's.

"Logan Sperman"

Steve Sedlar as 14 year old "Logan Sperman".  In fact this isn't Steve at all but the image of an unknown teen whose videos may be seen on various video sharing websites. Steve began posing as "Logan" around 2005 on this website, before moving on to a fresh new video sharing site called YouTube. And the rest, as they say, is history.

(If you happen to recognize this person, please get in touch)

Friday, 25 March 2011

American Pie

This is a picture of Steve Sedlar taken in 2010. He is seen here in the centre holding the 2nd prize Ribbon presented to him in the Pie Baking competition held at McQueen Orchards in Holland, Ohio.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Editing Posts With Steve Sedlar

It's easy to go back to an old post from, say,2005 and give it a total rewrite. Perhaps something you said back then didn't tie in with what you were currently saying.

Check back in 6 years time. This post may have changed.